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Traveling. Our recent adventure was to Rome, Italy and it was so amazing seeing that part of the world!

And the best way to do bridge the gap is through our non-profit Beautifully Organized Family & Life services (BOFALS).

✔ Do you want your child to have a smooth transition into adulthood?
✔ Do you wish to impart confidence and the right knowledge to be able to survive in the world on your own? 
✔ Do you want to learn how to teach important life skills to your children?
✔ Do you want your child to become independent without any hassle?

If you’ve answered any one of the above as yes, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

The one thing our future generations need to have a successful life in today’s cluttered world is life skills. You can educate them in the best institutes. Work with them to get the best education. But if they lack life skills, they will have a hard time finding a place in today's fast-paced world. 

Our Mission

We are a team of passionate individuals who help children, and their parents acquire and learn life skills. Not just any bookish skills. But the actual things that matter. Not complex algebra. But the knowledge of doing laundry, understanding leases, managing expenses, and living on their own.   

Give Yourself the BOFALS Advantage!

Thanks to our pro organizing specialists, your child and you get to know what’s it like to be empowered with life skills that matter.

get started

During the last phase you receive a structured plan that works for you. The goal of this plan is to ensure a positive environment and future.


This is where the program teaches you to set goals, systems, and expectations for themselves, their home, and their family.


You get to understand necessary life skills and how they are to be taught to your children through a Question-and-Answer session with the parent-teacher. 


how it works