Every 6 in 10 parents worry that their children lack the necessary life skills! That's 60% of the parents. Are you one of them? Your child might be good at studies, but you know certain life skills can help them pave their way to success.

It’s a fact that most children and teenagers don’t know how to deal with stress, budget, make appointments, or look after themselves while on their own.

What does BOFALS stand for? We stand for the future of our children. Our schools have their limitations which is why they don't teach simple home life skills which are essential to living a successful adult life. 


An average of 76 percent of parents reminded their adult children of deadlines they need to meet, including for schoolwork.


Learning is about more than fractions and historical facts. Now is the perfect time to prepare your kids for life with some other lessons.


58 percent of 3- to 5-year-olds in the United States can navigate a smartphone, fewer than one out of six (15 percent) could make their own breakfast.


Life passes by quickly. Before you know it, your little ones will grow up into adults with a life of their own. And when they do, you would want them to be ready for life. 

Our ideology makes us want to run towards you. We arrive at your school and deliver our lessons directly to children. Parents get to become part of the experience by joining us in our office.  We have a long history with pro-organizers. The ones who know the ins and outs of how things work. They step in with their experience and transfer their knowledge to children and parents alike. With us, your children get to learn skills that matter. Each skill is carefully assessed and worked upon before sharing it with your child or you. This helps us make sure they learn things that have a direct relation with their success in life

We are a team of passionate individuals who help children, and their parents acquire and learn life skills. Not just any bookish skills. But the actual things that matter. Not complex algebra. But the knowledge of doing laundry, understanding leases, managing expenses, and living on their own. Thanks to our pro organizing specialists, your child and you get to know what’s it like to be empowered with life skills that matter.



Learn how you as a parent can teach your children strong values and give them an understanding of how the world works.

Parent Academy


Our transition specialists meet ONE-ON-ONE with the child to offer personalized hands-on coaching for crucial daily life skills.

One-on-One Coaching


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From running a household to initiating healthy communications, this lesson teaches them the ins and outs of adulting.

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