1. Hands-on organizing sessions are two hours minimum.

2. Time that exceeds the planned sessions will be billed in 1⁄4 hour increments.

3. Payment is to be made at the time of service; except when using pre-paid packages.

4. Payments accepted are cash, checks and most major credit cards.

5. Cancellations and rescheduling must be done no less than 48hrs in advance by phone.

6. Cancellations, no-shows, or chronically late clients will be billed for time that is lost.

7. If a client is late for an appointment, that time will be calculated and the session will not extend to make up for the tardiness.

8. Beautifully Organized follows the NAPO code of ethics. Any physical or verbal content expressed during the course of the project will remain confidential and will not be shared unless required by law.

9. “Before” and “After” photos of the project may be taken for planning purposes (just for my eyes) and would only be shared in my marketing material “anonymously” with your consent.

10. Beautifully Organized requests that “personal” items, illegal items and weapons are removed from project area prior to our first work day session.

11. Beautifully Organized will not throw away or destroy anything without your permission. Suggestions regarding procurement and/or retention of items may be made to expedite the organization process. In the event I am working without your guidance, I will make clearly labeled piles for your final review.

12. YOU are responsible for any losses/damage resulting from the discarding of any of your personal belongings or records.

13. You, the client, agree to reimburse Beautifully Organized for supplies and authorized purchases. Please do not purchase any organizational totes/systems prior to your consultation!

Let us explore all our options before committing to a system.

I am an expert at repurposing items you already own!

*Basic supplies such as trash bags and ‘simple’ adhesive labels are provided at no cost.

14. All pre-paid packages include 30 minutes of shopping and 1 hour of off-site label making.

Any additional time spent will be billed at a reduced hourly rate of $40.00 per hour (billable in 1⁄4 hour increments.)

15. Each session includes 50 miles (round-trip) of travel. Travel exceeding 50 miles will be charged per mile. Please ask about current mileage fees.