My name is Sharon Oberon and I am a Professional Organizer and Interior Stylist.

I have loved interior design and fashion and have been organizing things on a personal level for most of my life but it was only when I began helping others to become more organized that I discovered how much I truly enjoy the art of organizing.

I am blessed to be an adoring wife and mother of a 20 year old son and two beautiful step-daughters who are ages 9 & 13. Sadly our children do not share my love for order.

Let’s suffice it to say that they give me many opportunities to hone my skills as a professional organizer.

I completely understand how difficult it can be to juggle all of life’s responsibilities with work and family and it is easy to find ourselves in the midst of chaos. After all, life is full of STUFF…

However, if we allow all of the “stuff” to take over our lives, we can begin to feel helpless and completely stifled. When the things that we use on a daily basis are well organized and put away in the areas of the home where we use them most, not only does it save us time and money – as we are able to find them quickly, but the space also looks and feels better and more peaceful.

I have helped many people to become more organized and you can literally see a transformation occur when they see things coming into order. Letting go of the things that we do not need, and putting everything else in its most logical and usable space while incorporating your own personal style does not merely have an outward effect on the appearance of your home, but an inner effect as well. It is empowering to take control of your life and your home and with that comes a strong sense of accomplishment and inner peace.

To help my clients regain control of their space, I first work to understand their specific organizational goals, challenges and needs. With that understanding, I create an individualized plan based on your unique space and priorities.

As we work together to declutter your home, I will be looking for items that I can re-purpose to create spaces for you that are not just functional, but beautiful as well in your newly organized home.

My goal is not only help you to become more organized, but also to provide you with the systems and tools to help you to stay that way.

My passion is helping people by empowering them to change their lives for the better.

~ One room at a time.